Faculty 9-12

Mr. Baker

Natural Sciences

I am excited to be back at Compass Charter for another year. I have taught in the Meridian and Vallivue school districts in my twenty years of teaching. Over the years I have taught various subjects but I always seem to come back to my favorite subject – science. This year I will be teach 7th grade life science and 8th and 9th grade physical science.

In my first year at Compass I learned about what it is to be a Compass student. I was impressed by the work ethic, ingenuity and kindness shown by the average Compass student. I loved it and now look forward to what else I can learn from the students here.

On a personal level I graduated from the College of Idaho, where I met my wife, Stephanie. We met while playing soccer for the college. Now I am the head coach for the Coyotes men’s soccer team (which now has a Compass alumnus on it). My daughter, Taylor, will be a junior at C of I and swims on the swim team. Maybe next year my son, Cole, will go there as well! In my spare time I love to play sports, watch live sports, as well as coach and officiate sports.

Ms. Balliett

Social Studies

Hello and welcome to another school year! My name is Michelle Balliett and I have the pleasure of joining the teaching staff at Compass Charter School.
Compass is an excellent school and the scope of opportunities that Compass presents not only to its staff, but students, parallels my education philosophy. I teach 7th and 9th grade Social Studies and am very excited! I love encouraging, watching and helping students navigate through this new and sometimes challenging adventure.

I am a Boise State University graduate with degrees in both History and Social Science Secondary Education. Along with teaching, I love history, sports and my family.

I am enthusiastic for all the opportunities that this new school year brings! I look forward to working with each of you this year. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me. I look forward to meeting you! Happy Learning!

Mr. Deidrick

Math 9 & 10

While traveling this summer, I was once again observing how the world works. Whether it is the rate at which a river flows, the path of an object that is thrown in the air, the music to which we choose to listen, or patterns we observe around us, most everything has mathematical components to it. This is why I love to teach Algebra and Geometry. While ensuring students attain traditional mathematical skills, I want students to gain a deep conceptual knowledge of mathematics and understand the relevance to their lives now and in the future. My ultimate goal is for students enjoy and be able to use mathematics to solve problems and to learn to think logically. I have worked as a professional educator for over 15 years. This will be my first year at Compass Public Charter School. Teaching at the Junior High School, high school and the college level for many years, I have developed many different methods to differentiate my instruction and activities to present math in a straight forward manner so that students are challenged but are able to develop the skills and confidence to meet those challenges. I believe that a math classroom is an active working atmosphere where the students and teacher collaborate to become problem solvers. My classroom is a busy, hands-on environment where students learn to solve relevant situations and I am there to support and help them in the process. Personally, I am married and have a son and daughter, 9 and 4 respectively. I love spending time with my family. After spending several years as a college basketball coach, I also enjoy being a casual sports fan. I also like to travel, hike, jog and bike.

Mrs. Fast

Life Sciences

Mrs. Gatfield


Greetings!  My name is Erin Gatfield and I am so happy to be here for my eighth year at Compass.  I teach 9th Speech, 10th Honors World Literature, 11th Honors American Literature, and 12th Honors British Literature.   Both junior and senior English can be taken for dual credit through the College of Western Idaho for a total of 12 college credits.

In addition to teaching, I organize our annual 2-day community service project in November at a nearby migrant housing community called Farmway Village.  I also manage the Senior Project.

My background includes 12 years of teaching experience, (5 years at Melba High School and 7 years at Compass). I received my BA in English in 2002 and my Master of Arts in Teaching in 2003 from the College of Idaho.  This December, I will complete my Master of Arts in English, Literature at Boise State University. 

While reading and writing are my professional passions, I also love to travel.  I have visited 20 foreign countries and have led 5 international trips with students.  Compass students have traveled with me to the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, the mountains of Switzerland, and the cloud forest of Costa Rica.  Most recently in the summer of 2015, we explored the rural farmlands and castles of Ireland, Wales, and England.  It was by far our biggest tour group yet with 21 travelers!

In my spare time, you will find me exploring Idaho’s mountains with my husband and our new golden retriever puppy, Winnie.  We love the high alpine views afforded by backpacking or snowshoeing and know that Idaho is equally stunning, no matter the season.

I’m excited for whatever may be in store this year and look forward to continuing the relationships I have built here at Compass.  Please stop in to say hello any time.

Ms. Gregg


Linette Gregg is pleased to have been a member of the Compass Honors High School team since 2008.  Linette graduated from Filer High School in 1982 where she acquired her love for mathematics but refused to believe her math teacher’s prediction that she would also become a math teacher.  After 
attending the University of Idaho and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education (Mathematics) in 1986, that prediction came true.  In 2008, she earned her second degree, Master in the Art of Teaching Mathematics, from the University of Idaho.

Linette’s teaching experience before joining the Compass team includes 14 years at Hagerman High School and 5 years at Filer High School (4 of those years as Dual Credit Instructor for College of Southern Idaho).  During her years at Compass she has also been a Dual Credit Instructor for College of Western Idaho.  In her spare time she enjoys walking, reading, and designing quilts to sew.

Mr. Jacob

Social Studies


This is my 11th year at Compass Public Charter School. Additionally, I have experience teaching in private (3 years) and traditional public schools (31 years).

I am a member of the Northwest Professional Educators and I have certification to teach K-8 as well as a secondary certification in 9-12 Social Studies and English. I was also a part of the first Boise State Writing Project and am an adjunct instructor at the College of Western Idaho.

I have taught Geography, World History, Civics, Economics, and Global Perspectives. This school year I am teaching U.S. History (11th grade) and U.S. Government (12th grade) as dual credit courses through CWI. Furthermore, my teaching schedule will include Global Perspectives (9th grade), Compass Navigators (a new 9th grade class emphasizing the building of academic and cultural skills), Economics (10th grade), and World History (10th grade).

Mr. Sauer

Earth Science 


Hi!  My name is Brett Sauer.  Last year, teaching 6th grade at Compass Elementary, I saw firsthand the accelerated learning and high character development that is taking place at Compass.  I feel privileged to get to know and work with Compass students at the Junior High and High School this year.  I look forward to teaching life science and physical science and being a part of their achievements.  We will accomplish great things.

I earned a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry and completed a 5th year education program at Southern Oregon University.  I recently completed a Master of Education in Special Education at Boise State.  I taught 6th grade science in the Nampa School District for 5 years.  Prior to teaching, I spent 12 years working in residential construction.  I spent about 3 years working in Redwood National Park monitoring spotted owls and working in Suisun Bay and San Pablo Bay on a telemetry project studying contaminant uptake in diving ducks.  One of my favorite jobs, while I was going to school, was working as a choker setter on a helicopter logging crew in Southern Oregon (where I grew up) and Northern California.

Some of my favorite activities in life are hunting, camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, gardening, building things, and participating in athletics.  It is hard for me to believe, but my precious daughter Maisen will be a sophomore in high school this year (parents, spend your time wisely investing in your kids, they will be grown up before you know it).   

Mr. Stadtlander


My name is Jon Stadtlander, and I have the honor and privilege to teach at this great educational school where students are encouraged to show kindness, to exhibit self discipline, and to push themselves to new heights. I know of no other school I would rather teach at than Compass! My daily desire as a teacher is to grow as a teacher. I am constantly looking for better ways to improve my craft. I am passionate about reaching all of my students and pushing them to achieve their goals. In short, I love to teach!

On a personal level, I am blessed to be married to Melissa. We are grateful for our three children who bless us daily! Melissa and I have the honor to lead worship at Ustick Baptist Church. We love to use our gifts from God to glorify Him.

If I am not teaching or leading worship, I love to spend time with my family! What a joy it is to grow in my relationships with my wife and kids! I also enjoy spending time on the golf course! When I golf, I find the courses peaceful and beautiful.

If at any time, you need to reach me, please feel free to email me.
I look forward to meeting you!

Mr. Watson

Social Studies

My name is C.J. Watson, and this is my first year at Compass. I teach 8th grade Social Studies and 10th grade World History. This is my first year teaching, and it is a privilege to enter this environment of such ambitious teachers and students. Before arriving here, I was student teaching for various grades and subjects in the valley. This was decided after about a year of traveling around central and eastern Europe, along with living and working in places like New York City and Berkeley, California.

As a teacher, it is my passion to not only teach quality content, but to challenge and care for my students. What I love about Compass is how teachers and students want to be challenged. To test what they know and broaden their understanding of the world around them. I’m always trying to learn more, and I want to instill that passion in my students in ways that best fit them.

On a personal level, I have a perfect little dog named Tilly. She is an Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix. We live near the foothills of Boise. With this, I love to bike, run, go backpacking, and rock climb. Whenever I get the chance, I will travel somewhere new. Just like when we learn new things in education, I grow exponentially when I meet new people and experience more of the world around me.