Compass Model Guidelines for Parents


We believe: Educators regard and engage parents as their children's first teachers.

Harbor Schools depend on the support and engagement of parents. Most of our schools began with a small group of interested, committed and dedicated parents who wanted a Harbor education for their children. Harbor educators must always remember that and cultivate strong parental engagement. The school actively works to earn their trust and confidence to provide a safe and productive learning environment for their children. 

Parents can expect the principal to protect instructional time. Interruptions are kept to a minimum. Your child's instructional time is the highest value in a Harbor school. Emergencies are an exception. All other communication with the principal and with teachers is done before or after school. 

Harbor practices are designed to develop work ethic, positive character attributes as well as academic assets. We encourage parents to support their children in their homework and to reinforce personal responsibility in their child. 

There is a high expectation for student attendance. The reason for this is to instill a sense of high value and respect for their time at school. We believe that this is a foundation for a habit of work that will serve them beyond school. For this reason, parents are asked to plan family trips and vacations around the school calendar. 

Leadership, teachers and parents share a mutual purpose. That purpose is a successful educational experience for your child. That mutual purpose provides the foundation for problem solving as issues arise. Parents are encouraged to contact the principal to clarify facts regarding any issue that arises. Harbor schools attempt to minimize stories or gossip and maximize facts and mutual problem solving. Always begin with the principal to obtain the facts as issues inevitably arise.

Compass Parents

Parents are advocates (not rescuers) for their children.

Parents come with solutions to presenting problems.

Parents support their children in their homework and reinforce personal responsibility in their child.

Parents instill values in their child for the character and work habits that are required to be successful and a contributing member of a democratic society.

Parents see mistakes as a teaching opportunity and teach their child to see mistakes as a learning opportunity.

Parents instill value and respect for education by supporting the school’s attendance policy.

Parents respect instructional time and schedule appointments to visit with the teacher and/or administrator.

Parents model the behavior they expect to see from students.

Parents contribute to the success of the school through volunteerism.

Parents recognize that students learning is at the center of all school decisions.

Parents communicate high expectations to their child.

Parents problem-solve with the teacher and/or administrator when their child isn’t performing to expectations.

Parents praise and recognize their child for diligence, attitude and work ethic.

Parents use student discipline as an opportunity to teach through natural consequences and utilize these moments to instruct their child about choices and consequences and support the school in doing the same.