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April Newsletter

posted Mar 30, 2016, 7:36 AM by Kelly Trudeau   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 7:35 PM ]

Special Points of Interest:

  • April 4 – Teacher In-service, No School
  • April 5 - School Resumes
  • April 5 – Booster Meeting, 6:30PM
  • April 6 – IRI and ISAT Testing Begins
  • April 14 – School Board Meeting, 6:00PM
  • April 15 – Character Counts Assembly 1st-3rd
  • April 19 – CWI Dual Credit Information Meeting, 6:30PM Tech Lane Campus
  • April 21 – 2016-17 Lottery, 12:00PM Cherry Lane Campus
  • April 22 – Character Counts Assembly 4th-6th
  • April 26 – National Honor Society Induction
  • April 29 – Junior High Drama Performance, 7:00PM Cherry Lane Campus

Thank You!!!

We appreciate parents who attended student led conferences! Thank you very much to the parents who brought food for our teachers, you are amazing!!

Spring School Attire

When the sun comes out, students (mostly girls), get excited to dress in their spring/summer clothes. It is important to keep a few things in mind: 

  • It will still be cool in the mornings, make sure the outfit allows for outdoor play and/or PE
  • Students have probably grown since last summer so shorts/skirts may now be too short (shorts/skirts need to be no shorter than mid-thigh)
  • Shirts need to come to the shoulder and hide all straps (sheer shirts must also have a shirt underneath that comes to the shoulder and hides straps)
  • Leggings can be worn with a shirt that covers the bottom

Dual Credit Information Meeting

College of Western Idaho (CWI) dual credit informational meeting for parents and students at Tech Lane Campus, 6:30PM, Room 208.


As a public school of Idaho, kindergarten through 3rd grade Compass students will be taking the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), and 3rd through 10th grade students will be assessed with ISAT 2.0.  School attendance, a good night’s rest, and a healthy breakfast are extremely important.  Please help our teachers in encouraging students to do their very best in demonstrating the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the school year.


The lottery for the 2016-17 school year is scheduled on April 21. Families who have submitted applications for enrollment will be notified within one week of the lottery.

2016-17 Registration

Mark your calendars for registration on May 17 & 18.  At Compass, we complete registration early for the upcoming school year in order to verify enrollment and open seats. If you don’t complete registration for your child(ren) on May 17 or 18, it will be assumed that your child(ren) isn't returning and their seat will be offered to the next student on the wait list.

Registration Fee Changes

Compass will have no required fees related to classes, supplies, and field trips for the 2016-17 school year. However, there are many costs associated with these activities/items which State funding doesn’t cover. Therefore, we are asking parents to consider a small donation at the time of registration. Donations are tax deductible and will benefit the school in many areas.  The attached document labeled 2016-17 Receipt is an example of what parents will be provided at registration May 17 & 18.

Parent Voice

Parents now have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about educational options and help debunk the myths about schools of choice in Idaho
  • Read school choice stories from parents and students across the state
  • Learn about important education research and policy issues
  • Attend special parent training to learn how you can support Idaho's school choice movement
Sign up to receive the parent voice newsletter at If Compass has 25 parents join, we will be entered in a drawing to win $250!

NO School Monday, April 4

Our school has acquired a new platform called Milepost. Mileposts is a student achievement solution which enables schools to create personalized learning plans, manage interventions, monitor achievement and gain insights to improve instruction to any class, group, or individual student. Additionally, parents will have access to their own student’s district and state assessment data.

In order to implement this new program, teachers will need extensive training and practice through collaboration. Our goal is to complete the training this spring, April 4th, thus allowing teachers to practice utilizing the program during the spring and summer. We will bring Milepost on board, including parent access, in the fall of 2016-17.

We scheduled our teacher training day on Monday, April 4th. This means students will get an extra day of spring break, coming back to school on Tuesday, April 5th. We recognize that this extra day of student vacation will require parents to make daycare arrangements, and for that we apologize. As explained, it is important that teachers have time to collaborate and practice with the new program during the spring, therefore, moving the training to later in the school year would defeat this purpose. Additionally, we begin ISAT testing on April 6th and then jump in to MAP’s testing following ISAT testing. Changing the testing schedule has a domino effect on meeting the testing deadlines, impacting class schedules, etc.

We appreciate your support in allowing our teachers to complete this critical training. Of course, our overall goal is to improve instruction and student success.

School Board Elections

If you are interested in serving on the school board, please download an application from Compass’ website.  Applications are due April 12th.  Elections for any open seats take place annually in May.  All families have voting rights for school board members.


General Booster Meeting - April 5 at Cherry Lane Campus Cafeteria, 6:30PM

Elections will be held for next year's board as well as discussion of next year's fundraisers, fees and budget.  All are welcome to attend!

Upcoming Middle School Track Meets:

  • April 7 @ Timberline High School
  • April 14 @ Ontario
  • April 21 @ Parma HS
  • April 28 @ Ontario

 Upcoming intramurals:

  • 6th Grade Boys Basketball - April 11-20
  • 5/6th Grade Girls Basketball - April 25- May 4
Please watch for information and the sign up form to come home with your student

Congratulations to the following raffle winners:

  • Crane Creek Golf - Bill Connelly
  • Boise Ranch Golf - Beth Rasmussen
  • Lakeview Golf - Debie Williams
  • Falcon Crest Golf - Micah Bandarraga
  • Falcon Crest Range Card - Ken Folk
  • Pizza from Firehouse Pizza - Suzy Johnson & Julie Babb
  • Half a Pig - Paula Connelly
  • Steelhead Hockey Tickets - Susan Fawley & Bryan Connington
  • Gino's $50 Gift Card - Katie Rice


Kelly Trudeau,
Mar 30, 2016, 7:36 AM