Newsletter 2013-2014

November 2013 Compass Newsletter

posted Oct 21, 2013, 9:50 AM by Jeniffer Murphy

Special Points of Interest: 

  • October 29 – Picture Retakes/Senior Tux & Drape Pictures
  • October 30 – Student-led Conferences, 2:45/3:45-8:00. Teacher conference meal hosted by 6th-8th grade parents.
  • October 31-November 1 – Teacher In-service 8:00-4:00
  • November 4 - Student of the Month (SOM) & Aim High Leadership Assemblies (7:40 & 9:00)
  • November 8 – Family Math and Game Night: sponsored by 4th-6th grade families.
  • November 8 – Family Portraits by Dorian: sponsored by technology/broadcasting classes/club.
  • November 14 - School Board Meeting
  • November 22 – November Birthday Celebrations
  • December 7 – High School Dance
  • December 10 – Band Concert (6th-12th) in school auditorium, 7:00pm
  • December 17 – Senior Tux & Drape picture retake
  • December 19 – 4th-5th Grade Christmas Concert at Ten Mile Christian Church, 7:00pm. Program CD’s will be made available. Proceeds from concert CD’s go to music department.
  • December 20 – December Birthday Celebrations
  • December 20 - Student of the Month (SOM) & Aim High Leadership Assemblies (7:40 & 9:00)
Picture Retakes/Senior Tux & Drape
Students who were either absent or didn't like their original picture should plan to get their picture taken on Tuesday, October 29. Additionally, all seniors will have their yearbook pictures taken on October 29.

Student-led Conferences
Please plan to attend the evening conference on October 30th, starting when school is out (2:45 for 6-12 & 3:45 for 1-5) and ending at 8:00pm. There will NOT be conferences on October 31st as indicated on the school calendar. This is due to a two-day required teacher training as a result of receiving the Technology Pilot Grant.

The 6th – 8th Grade parents are hosting the teacher conference meal on October 30th. Please watch your email for a link to volunteer to bring a food item.

Get Your Feet Moving

Once again, this year students can earn little plastic feet that can bet applied to bracelets, shoelaces and backpacks. Also, by turning in exercise logs students will be entered in a monthly drawing for sports equipment.  Blank forms are available in the lunchroom and can also be printed from the school website.  Completed forms can be placed in a box in the school lunchroom. Please make sure they write their names on their exercise logs and have them signed by a parent.  If your children would like a chance to win jump ropes, soccer balls, footballs and much more encourage them to get their feet moving.  

Family Math and Game Night
Mark your calendars for a fun family night out! Friday, November 8 we will have board games, hands-on math activities, popcorn, drinks and a silent auction of family themed baskets. Proceeds support the 4th-6th grade classes.

Family Portraits/Christmas Cards
Also on Friday, November 8, Dorian Studios will be offering family portraits and/or Christmas cards for a very reasonable price. Proceeds go to technology and broadcasting departments as well as pays for the annual movie license.

Congratulations High School Volleyball
Not only have our high school volleyball girls made it to State, we are pleased to announce that they are the 2013 fall sports Academic State Champions! This award is presented to the varsity team in each classification that achieves the highest cumulative grade point average.

Lost & Found
Parents, we are now posting pictures of the lost and found on the school website with an online request form to claim an item. You can view the items under the Parents Menu - Lost & Found or clicking here.

Our lost and found is located in the main office. We have a rotation system where items are kept for 4 weeks prior to being donated to the Youth Ranch. The photos are taken at the end of week one and posted on the website.
During student-led conferences next Wednesday, all lost & found will be displayed in the main office.

October 2013 Compass Newsletter

posted Sep 15, 2013, 10:42 AM by Jeniffer Murphy

Special Points of Interest:
September 17 – Team Tuesday, 8:00 & 2:45
September 27 – August & September Birthday Celebrations
September 28 – High School Dance
October 1 – 1st Grade Concert, 7:00
October 8 - Parent-Faculty Advocate Meeting, 3:45
October 10 - School Board Meeting
October 22 – 2nd-3rd Grade Concert, 7:00
October 25 – October Birthday Celebrations
October 29 – Individual student picture retake day and Senior Tux & Drape
October 30 – Student-led Conferences
October 31 & November 1 – Teacher In-service, NO school
The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is planning a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at Cherry Lane and Todd Way for Compass students to safely cross Cherry Lane. Construction is anticipated to begin in October. In the meantime, please help our children understand the importance of crossing at a light by walking either to Ten Mile or Linder before crossing.

National Merit Semi-Finalists
Compass is proud of two seniors who qualified as semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Van Forrester and Nicole Smith are our two semi-finalists. See the attached press release for further details on this highly acclaimed scholarship program.

Treasure Valley Youth Safety Summit
On September 17, 2013 the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council will host the Fourth Annual Treasure Valley Youth Summit to be held from 7:45am-4:00pm at Wahooz in Meridian. The event will bring 220 high schoolers from the Treasure Valley together for an engaging day of interactive lessons and speakers on topics related to overall teen safety. Attendees will learn the dangers of distracted driving by texting while navigating the go-kart track, experience mini-golf while donning intoxicated vision goggles to display the effects drugs and alcohol play in judgment, participate in unfair teamed laser tag to mimic bullying and listen to national speakers on related material. Additionally, parents of recently deceased teens due to unsafe driving practices will sit on a panel for a Q & A session with the youth. We are excited to announce a partnership with the Meridian City high schools that will assist the success of the summit by facilitating some breakout workshops designed to identify and address school specific needs or areas of opportunity to improve their schools.
The overall goal of the summit is to enlighten, engage and empower student leaders to educate themselves on these dangers allowing them to share with their peers at their respective schools. Five high school students from Compass have been invited to attend the Youth Safety Summit. We look forward to them sharing their knowledge with the rest of the middle school and high school.

Mark your calendars for the two upcoming concerts. The first grade will be performing on Tuesday, October 1st and the 2nd & 3rd grade will be performing on Tuesday, October 22nd. Parents of the performers typically volunteer to bring cookies as a refreshment served after the concert. If you are willing to bring cookies, please contact your child’s teacher to let them know.

Student-led Conferences
Both of our conferences (October 30 & March 20-21) will be student-led conferences. This type of format encourages students to take ownership and pride in their academic achievement. It allows parents the opportunity to discuss and establish expectations for academic success with their child.

Please plan to attend the evening conference on October 30th, starting when school is out (2:45 for 6-12 & 3:45 for 1-5) and ending at 8:00pm. There will NOT be conferences on October 31st as indicated on the school calendar. This is due to a two-day required teacher training as a result of receiving the Technology Pilot Grant.

September Newsletter

posted Aug 27, 2013, 9:55 PM by Jeniffer Murphy

Upcoming Events
· September 5—Parent Orientation, 7:00 
· September 7—Annual School Picnic, 10:30-1:30 
· September 13—Individual Student Pictures 

Parent Orientation
Please plan to attend the parent orientation on Thursday, September 5 at 7:00pm starting in the school auditorium. This is an opportunity for parents to meet their children’s teachers and to learn about our “new and improved” brand.

Hearing Screening
Over the next few weeks, students in kindergarten through third grade will have their hearing screened.  Parents will be notified if their child requires additional testing.  If you have children older than third grade and would like to have their hearing screened you may request this service by emailing our Speech and Language Pathologist, Jenifer Mart at

Volunteers Needed
The school cafeteria is looking for volunteers to help serve lunch from 10:45 to 12:50 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Volunteers  earn a free lunch and are not expected to do anything but serve the kids.

Seeking Donations
The Broadcasting department is in need of a desk or workstation in nice condition for our news set. We are looking for something that 2 people could sit behind (40-60" wide). We are also in search of some sort of news set  background, i.e. canvas, material, mural, etc. If you can help with one or more of these items, please email Mr. Henderson at



School Picnic
Please don’t forget to order your picnic wristbands by completing the attached form and sending it to the school office by  Wednesday, September 3rd!

“Compass Public Charter School is a rigorous learning community that prepares students for life long excellence through exceptional academics, character development, and the ability to define and defend a personal worldview” 


Parent Beginning of the Year Newsletter 2013-2014

posted Jul 18, 2013, 10:34 PM by Jeniffer Murphy

See the attached document.

July Newsletter 2013

posted Jul 18, 2013, 10:32 PM by Jeniffer Murphy

Special Points of Interest:
• August 6 – Returning Student Registration 9:00-1:00
• August 7 – Returning Student Registration 9:00-1:00
• August 19 – First Day of School, 6-12th Grade 7:40-2:30, K-5th  9:00-3:35
• September 5 – Parent Orientation 7:00-9:00
• September 7 – Welcome Back Picnic at Settlers’ Park 11:00-2:00, purchase lunch/activity wristbands at registration

Hello Compass Families

I hope you are all enjoying your summer break! The beginning of the school year will be here before we know it. Below are a couple of items of interest before the new school year begins.

Parent Pick-up

If you will be picking your student(s) up after school, please make a bright and visible sign for your car window. On the sign, include your student(s) last name and grade number(s). Place the sign on the front dash board in front of the driver’s side. Here is an example:


1, 3, & 5

Class Lists

Class lists are posted on the office windows. You are welcome to view the lists. Requests to change classes/teachers will not be considered unless there is evidence of extraordinary circumstances that would justify such a request.

Teaching Assignments & New Staff

Kindergarten – Welcome Suzanne Stampke! Suzanne has 24 years of teaching experience. She relocated to the Meridian area from Bend, Oregon last year and then taught in the Nampa school district for one year.

First Grade – Both returning 1st Grade Compass teachers, Jessica Hill and Scott Strickler.

Second Grade – Veteran 2nd Grade Compass teacher, Susan Luke and Deb Cordero, also a returning Compass teacher moving from Kindergarten to 2nd Grade.

Third Grade – Veteran 3rd Grade Compass teacher, Kerilyn Gibbs will teach both the A Group and B Group

Fourth Grade – Returning Compass teacher, Karry Walgamott moving from 3rd Grade to 4th Grade to teach both the A Group and B Group
Fifth Grade – Welcome Nichole Reynolds! Nichole has 11 years of teaching experience. She is relocating to Meridian this summer from Arizona.

Sixth Grade – Both returning 6th Grade Compass teachers, Melissa Andersen and Ty Whitt.

7th Grade Team – All returning Compass teachers, Craig Dayton (math), John Fearey (social studies), Jon Stadtlander (Language Arts), and Molly Wolk (science).

8th & 9th Grade Team - All returning Compass teachers, Craig Dayton (math), John Fearey (social studies), Jon Stadtlander (Language Arts), and Chris Hines (science).

High School Team – Welcome Paula Connelly! Paula has been working as an educational assistant at Compass for two years. She is a secondary certified social studies teacher. Paula will be teaching 9th and 10th Grade social studies classes. Returning Compass teachers, Erin Gatfield (10th-12th Language Arts), Linette Gregg (10th-12th Math), Ric Jacob (11th & 12th social studies), and Molly Wolk (10th -12th science).

Electives/Specials Teachers – Welcome Phil Henderson! Phil has been working as an educational assistant at Compass. He has a Professional Technical Certificate in Broadcasting Technology. Phil will be teaching high school elective classes in Broadcasting and Radio.

Returning Compass elective/specials teachers:

  • Brenda Choate (music/band),

  • Paula Connelly (leadership),

  • Greg Cordero, (secondary computer and broadcasting),

  • John Fearey (community service),

  • Becky Leavitt (elementary computer),

  • Jessica Hill (drama),

  • Wendy Long (food handlers class),

  • Amanda Nagy (career explorations),

  • Toby Pinkerman (physical education),

  • Ann Tschikof (Ann is moving from 5th grade to elementary science),

  • Dana Walker (interior decorating and child development),

  • Jennifer Wangler (secondary Spanish),

  • Ty Whitt (creative writing),

  • Gail Van Patten (middle school math applications)
  • Alyson White - English Lang. Skills Teacher (3rd-5th)

Administrative Team – Welcome Debbie Foster! Debbie is an Instructional Coach and Curriculum Developer. Her role at Compass will include assisting with implementation of the Idaho Core Standards and providing instructional support. Returning Administrative Team, Kelly Trudeau (Charter Administrator), Ric Jacob (Assistant to the Administrator), Tony Lechner (Special Education Director), Susan Luke (Culture Coordinator), Amanda Nagy (Counselor), Cindy Stover (Business Manager), Jeni Murphy (Webmaster), Jodi Schultz and Lisa Hamer (Administrative Assistants).

Support Staff – All returning Compass staff, Brenda Dayton, Susan De Haas, Jaynee Harrison, Danielle Hipwell, Darla Horyza, Cindy Keller, Kay Scarborough, Jordyn Smith, and Becky White

Kitchen Staff – All returning Compass staff, Wendy Long (Food Service Director), Cricket Stallings and Christy Haddock.

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