College Prep Testing

The PSAT is paid for by the state for 10th grade students. It costs $20 for 11th grade students to take the PSAT. The PSAT is administered the Wednesday of the third week of October. It will fall on the 15th the 2014-2015 school year. 

The SAT is offered for free (paid by the state) on the Idaho SAT Test Day in April for 11th grade. The test will be administered on April 15th the 2014-2015 school year. If you would like to take it a different time or a second time, you will need to take the SAT at another school campus.

Register Online
Students who need to take the SAT can register online up to a month before the testing date:

You will need to have our testing site # to register, #130388.

It costs $50 to take the test. 
There are fee waivers for families who qualify. Those qualifications can be found here:

Test Preparation
Please utilize the SAT question of the day and the practice exams to familiarize yourself with the exam. 
Practice exams:
Question of the Day:

For more information regarding the test, check out the website at

To study and to familiarize yourself with the test go to the U.S. SAT website.

The ACT is available to you at other school campuses. You can register online at