About Compass

Compass offers students a rigorous learning community that prepares students for life-long excellence through exceptional academics, character development and the ability to define and defend a personal worldview. 

 Next Level Excellence
Compass prepares students for lifelong success through unparalleled educational and real world learning opportunities.

 Exceptional Academics
Compass challenges students with a rigorous academic curriculum. 

 Strong Character Values
Compass instills students with a strong sense of community, integrity and responsibility. 

 Worldview Development
Compass empowers students to become critical thinkers, engaged citizens and inspired leaders by providing a safe learning environment to develop, articulate and defend their personal view of the world.

Core Values

As our children chart their course through these tumultuous years, we hope to direct them to a safe haven. Each child has the right to come to school without fear of taunting, teasing or violence. Each parent has the right to expect a school to provide a safe, kind environment for his/her child. Each staff member has the right to teach without fear of violence. Students, parents and teachers will experience peace of mind in the Compass Public Charter School setting. We believe that a kind environment should be extended through the potentially difficult middle school and high school years.

Students and parents respect Compass Public Charter School teachers, as role models and instructors, for their commitment to education and their genuine concern for children. Intelligence, creativity, responsibility and loyalty are characteristics of the faculty.

Parents expect and appreciate direct and regular communication from faculty regarding their children. Reciprocally, parents are responsive to suggestions from teachers and administrators for helping students.

Compass Public Charter School recognizes each child as an individual who, by virtue of his/her humanity, is in community with all the other children in the school, regardless of age. By providing moral and ethical standards, the school prepares its students to accept the privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship. Every child is capable of achieving his/her potential to the fullest extent when afforded respect, fairness, kindness, discipline and appropriate instruction.

Standard-referenced Grading

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Compass provides Free Appropriate Public Education to all students as well as offers special education services to those students who qualify or have a need in this area.



Compass Public Charter School's Mission is to provide a safe and challenging learning community that prepares students for life long excellence through exceptional academics, character development, and the ability to define and defend a personal worldview.

Educational Program

Compass' mission and philosophy are founded on the premise that when students are schooled in a safe and comfortable environment with rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, they will achieve excellence. Therefore, our educational program focuses on two main areas that encompass this belief.

Academic : Compass will...

  • Implement the Understanding by Design framework to ensure performance-based learning, which requires students to demonstrate mastery based on high, clear, and commonly-shared expectations .
  • Provide students with opportunities to enroll in courses for concurrent college credits.
  • Provide a learning environment designed for the Next Generation Learner, including:
    • A technology-rich learning environment
    • Constructive learning experiences through both the geographic and the Internet-connected community
    • Personalized learning based on data-driven goals for instruction
    • Curriculum and instruction to encourage students to make real-world connections

Culture: Compass will...

  • Offer opportunities for students to develop professional work skills through in-school and community-based service and apprenticeships.
  • Encourage students to develop self-discipline and take responsibility for their own behavior through implementation of Love and Logic’s One School Rule.
  • Support students in their learning and demonstration of strong character traits. Compass also acknowledges their success through regular self-evaluation and school-wide recognition.
  • Help students to cultivate their authentic student voice through leadership opportunities.
  • Value parents as partners in their students’ education.