Week of March 4-8

posted Feb 28, 2013, 2:54 PM by Kelly Trudeau
Special Points of Interest:
  • March 5 – PFA Board Meeting, Fund Request Voting
  • March 8 - Spring Pictures
  • March 14 – School Board Meeting
  • March 15 - Shoot-a-thon/Serve-a-thon
  • March 15 - End of 3rd quarter
  • March 19 - Shakespeare Performance for 6th-12th
  • March 21 & 22 - Student-led Conferences
  • March 22 - Roaring Springs Reading Logs Due
  • March 25-April 5 - Spring Break
Girl Scout Service Project
When kids go into foster care, they go from one scary situation into another.  Often times, they go into foster care with nothing.  Compass Girl Scout Troop 262 is putting on a Stuffed Animal Drive from March 4-22.  We will be collecting new stuffed animals in collection boxes in the Elementary office and High School Common area.  Our hope is that these gifts will provide some comfort to a child when facing a difficult situation.


Philanthropic Compass Project
One of our very own Compass families, the Cathrae Family, had the opportunity to donate 7 water wells to small villages in Africa. The family visited Africa this past summer to help dedicate the wells. Now, 6th grade student, Kiana Cathrae, would like to start a fundraising project at Compass to donate another water well in Compass’ name. This philanthropic service is made possible through Generosity Water. Generosity Water makes it easy, their website will have a place where Compass families can donate online. Another wonderful thing that they will do is go to the well that Compass Charter has funded and make a video for us and send it back to us so we will actually have a video that we can watch and see the children and families that we have helped.  Here is a short video that they have done for another school that has done this exact same thing.


 Shakespeare Performance

We are excited to announce that the Idaho Shakespeare Festival will be coming to Compass on Wednesday March 19th at 9 AM to perform Much Ado About Nothing.  This is open to middle school and high school students (grades 6-12) and staff, and will last 50 minutes.  A 10-minute question and answer session with the actors will follow the performance. 

For more information on Shakespearience, please visit: http://idahoshakespeare.org/shakespearience.

Yearbooks are available to order for only a short time. Hurry before it is too late!

Roaring Springs Reading Program

The deadline for submitting reading logs is fast approaching. All logs must be submitted by March 22, 2013, which is the Friday before Spring Break.

Completed logs should include: total minutes added up, parental signature, as well as their first and last name on the log, and turned in to their teacher by Friday, March 22.


Get ready for our biggest fundraiser of the year!!

What:  Shoot-a-Thon Serve-a-Thon

When: 6:00pm March 15, 2013

Where: Compass Gym

Why:   To raise funds for our AMAZING athletics program

How:   See Mr. Pinkerman

Spring Pictures
Spring pictures are March 8th. The spring pictures include a classroom picture as well as individual pictures. Spring sports pictures will also be taken.

Student-led Conference

Spring conferences will be Student-led Conferences. The format includes parents and students (1st—12th grade) coming to the conference together. Each student will present their report card, work samples and assessment sheet to their parents. Parents are encouraged to ask questions of their child to gather additional information regarding their child’s progress. The teacher will be available for questions; however, the teacher will not meet individually with parents. If a parent feels there is a need to speak in more detail with the classroom teacher, a separate meeting can be requested of the teacher during Student-led Conferences and scheduled at a later date.

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