December 2, 2011

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Special Points of Interest:                                                                                                                                        (PDF version attached below)
· December 6—PFA Board Meeting 6:30pm
· December 15—4th & 5th Choir Concert 7pm
· December 16—Early Release (no PM Kindergarten, AM Kindergarten 9:30-12:30, 1st-5th 9:30-1:00, 6th-12th 7:40-11:40)

Band Concert
Congratulations to Mrs. Choate and our 6th-12th grade band students for an excellent performance last night!

Choir Concert

Thursday, December 15th is our 4th-5th grade Choir Concert at Ten Mile Christian Church at 7:00pm. Ten Mile Christian Church is located at the corner of Ten Mile and Franklin Roads in Meridian. The church audience seats 600; which is an average of 5 guests per student. There is no cost to attend the concert, although donations will be accepted at the door to cover the cost of bus transportation to the church for rehearsal the day of the concert. Also, the church will be video taping the performance and DVD’s of the program will be available for purchase (see attached form at the end of this posting).

Capital Campaign
As you should all be aware by now, we are launching a Capital Campaign to add classrooms to the current facility. A concept drawing has been created and the next step moving forward is gathering Build Design Bids. A Build Design Bid will provide us with an actual design, plans, and a cost proposal. If you or anyone you know is a commercial contractor that would like to provide a Build Design Bid, please contact Mrs. Trudeau at 855-2802 or at

Help us reach our initial goal for start-up funds by December 31st. If every family would contribute $25, we would reach our goal!

Compass Families in Need
As a close-nit school we feel that all of our staff, students, and parents are part of one big family—the Compass Family! For the past four years, the Compass staff have collected donations amongst themselves to provide a small gesture of support to Compass families in need. This year we feel the need is too great for just the staff to provide help and a few of our own staff are experiencing tough times as well. Therefore, I would like to extend the opportunity to help Compass families in need out to the entire Compass Family. If you would like to donate funds (any amount helps) and/or if you know of a family in need, please put the funds and/or a message in an envelope marked “Compass Family” and give it to either Jodi or Lisa in the school offices or to your child’s classroom teacher.

Thank you for your support!

School Directories
New school directories - 2011-2012 school directories have been distributed.  A big thank you to Dr. Michael Payne and Bridgetower Orthodontics for generously donating the printing costs! Also, thank you to all who helped put together all the information for the directory. Each family received one directory.  If your family did not receive one please let Jodi Schultz, our K-8 Administrative Assistant, know and she can provide you with one.

Athletic Fundraiser
Compass Athletic boosters are pleased to team with the Idaho Stampede basketball team for our fall fundraiser.  Buy a ticket for $10 to the Stampede game December 17 using the order form available on the school website and see the Compass HS girls and boys basketball teams play at CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) Arena that day too!  This is a great deal for the school.  Compass keeps $5 from every $10 ticket sold!  Tickets will be sold up to the week of the game, so buy them now!  Compass booster passes will not be valid for admission to this game.  Contact Mr. Pinkerman at school or Curt Goldgrabe at 921-8332 for more information. 

Grade Promotion
Every middle school in the state of Idaho was required to put in to policy a credit system for students in 7th & 8th grade. Therefore, if your child fails more than two semester core courses or a full year of any single core course, they will be required to complete an alternate course during the summer at their own expense.

Students with 2 “D’s” and/or 1 “F” will be required to attend study hall during the lunch period for each week their grades are identified to be “at risk”.

Following is the policy regarding Grade Promotion:

· 7th & 8th Grade students shall be required to maintain a 2.0 yearly GPA in core courses.

· 7th and 8th Grade teachers assign letter grades according to the following scale: 90-100% =A      80-89%  =B     70-79% = C     60-69% = D      0-59% = F (no credit). An A is defined as excellent; B as above average; C as average; D as below average; F as failing. On the report card, grade-point average (GPA) is published.

·  Students must earn proficient scores on the Spring Math, Language Arts, Reading and Science ISAT tests.

·  Students will not be allowed to lose a full year of credit in one area (i.e. a student would not be able to fail a full year of math) and automatically move on to the next grade level.  Additionally, if a student receives a letter grade of “D”, although they will receive credit and may be promoted to the next grade level, they will be counseled to repeat the course in order to master the concepts required for success at the next grade level, particularly in math.

· Students not meeting (or in jeopardy of not meeting) credit requirements will be given an opportunity to recover credits during summer school in order to be eligible for promotion to the next grade level. An appropriate fee will be charged to the parent for credit recovery courses.

· *Attendance and effort is a factor.

John Fearey Fund
Our 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to take College of Western Idaho classes for concurrent or dual credits (credits count for both high school graduation and college graduation). Some of our students struggle financially so we created a way to give financial assistance. It is called the John Fearey Fund. Students may apply for partial or full funding of their books and/or tuition. If you would like to contribute to this fund (non profit) we would gladly accept any amount you feel comfortable sending to us. Please make checks out to Compass Public Charter School-Fearey Fund.

We thank you for any help you are able to give to our students who are pursuing a college graduation.

Ms. Abel, formally a Compass teacher who took some time off for her cancer treatment, is feeling better and offering after school tutoring. Ms. Abel lives very close to the school, therefore, a student can walk to her home after school for tutoring or she is also willing to meet students at the Meridian Library, also in walking distance from the school.  Ms. Abel is charging just $25 per one hour session. She can tutor students in math, writing, etc. If you are interested in tutoring for your student, contact Ms. Abel at 870-8443.

Giving Tree

Dear Parents,

The "Giving Tree" is on the wall in the main office. We asked Compass teachers to request items or gift certificates needed for this year.  These "wishes" are hanging on the Giving Tree.   The Holiday Season is a perfect time to give back to the teachers at CPCS!   If you would like to participate, please take an ornament from the tree.  Purchase the "wish" item(s) located on the ornament.  Bring or send the item(s) to school for the intended teacher(s). 

Thank you for supporting our school!

Box Tops
Thank you for supporting our school through the Box Top program.  Last year we made over $1,000 in box tops!  Please continue to cut out the box tops and send then in with your child. 

The best way to send in box tops is by:

 Check the expiration date.

 Cut them out.  (they don’t have to be perfect)

 Place them in a baggy (50 per baggy with 50 written on the bag).

Send them to school with your child.  (there is a green box for box tops in the elementary school office)

This will greatly help when sorting and sending them into Box Tops.  Box Tops collected from March 1 – Nov, 1 are paid on Dec. 15th and Nov. 2 – Feb. 28 are paid on April 15th. 

Growing Local Learning   
Albertsons will sometimes print out a coupon with your receipt for “Bonus Box Tops”. Generally, it is worth 50 bonus box tops. All you need to do is go to the, register and enter the code. These coupons also have an expiration date, so you will need to check that as well. Growing Local Learning sends their information to Box Tops and are paid out with regular box tops. 

Thanks again for all your support! 

Labels for Education (formally Campbell’s Soup Labels)
Labels for Education has expanded it's participating products! This program supports schools nationwide by offering educational merchandise in exchange for UPCs clipped off participating labels. In the past, Campbell's required families to cut out the front of the soup label, and send it into the school. However, times have changed. In order for our school to redeem points from the product, Campbell's requires the UPC (bar code) INSTEAD of the front of the label. Without the UPCs our school will not receive the points for the individual labels. There are many NEW products participating now! Each product is worth 1, 5, or 10 points. The points are located by the UPC. In the past, we used our points to purchase FREE balls for our school. Please read below to see how you can be a partner with this program. Remember, extended family can be partners too!

3 easy steps to help our school:
· CUT: Cut the UPC off of the label. (The UPC is the bar code on the back or bottom of the product.)
· SEND: Send the UPCs to school with your student. (The drop off "can" is located in the office.)
· CONNECT: Go to to connect your Albertsons & Fred Meyer Shopper cards. (applies additional points to CPCS)
Campbell's soups (Includes: Harvest Blend, Chunky, microwavable bowls, Soup at Hand, beans, condensed soups, Healthy request, & gravies)
SpaghettiO’s (Original & Meatball)
Prego (Italian sauces)
Franco-American (gravy)
Pepperidge Farms (Fish crackers, breads, desserts ,rolls, croutons & stuffing)
Swanson (Broths, stock, canned chicken)
V8 (Splash, fusion, tomato juice) * SAVE CAPS*
Wolfgang Puck (Stock, organic broth)
BIC (Dry Erase Markers, glue sticks, ball pens, mailing labels, Brite Liner,roller, gels, permanent markers & white-out)
POST cereals (35 participating Post cereals)
POST treats (Cocoa Pebbles & Fruity Pebbles 6.2 oz.)
Pop Secret Popcorn (3 ct, 4 ct, 6ct, 10 ct, & 10 count Snack size)

Here are some NEW participating products that can be used to earn points for our school:
* Dannon yogurt products
* GLAD products
* Emerald Nuts
* Participating Magazines are:

PEOPLE, Real Simple, ALL YOU, Cooking Light, HEALTH, Southern Living, & TIME
For a complete list of participating products go to & click on "participating products" on the left hand side of the website.

Every point counts toward FREE school merchandise for our students & teachers!
Go to to see specific brand & names.
Labels for Education Coordinator :
Melissa Freese

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