September 30, 2011

posted Dec 2, 2011, 7:04 AM by Jeniffer Murphy
Special Points of Interest: 
· September 30—Sports Booster Meeting 
· October 4—PFA Meeting 6:30pm 
· October 6-14—Fall Break, No School 
· October 25—Fall Concert for 1st-3rd grade students
Hearing Tests
Over the next few weeks, students in kindergarten through third grade will have their hearing screened. Parents will be notified if their child requires additional testing. If you do not want your child screened, please notify the school. Additionally, if you have older children and would like to have their hearing screened, you may request that service. 

Spirit Pack
Spirit Packs are available!! 

Only $20 for an Aviator Athletics Cinch bag, Long sleeved T-Shirt & Water Bottle all with the Aviator Athletics Logo!! 

They will be available for purchase at Aviator games, at the Booster Event on Sept. 30th or by calling Brenda Ball at 608-1759. 

Parents of Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Graders: 

Aviator Athletic Cinch Bags are a perfect fit in the narrower cubby spaces. A limited quantity is available at $5 each. 

Call Brenda Ball 608-1759

Booster Kickoff
Just a quick reminder of our boosters kickoff event Friday evening, September 30, at the school. We will meet for a baked potato bar starting at 6:00 in the cafeteria followed by a brief overview presentation and the kickoff of our fall fundraiser with the Idaho Stampede (I think they will be bringing a special guest along as well!) Potatoes, salad and drinks will be provided at no charge.  Each family is asked to bring a topping that would go on the potatoes, like chili, cheese, sour cream, or any other topping that would take a baked potato to the next level! I’m looking forward to seeing you there! My email list only includes those who have provided an email address to the booster club. If you would like to forward this to someone not on the list who you think might like to be there, please feel free to do so!

Bus Route Changes 
Please check the school website for bus route changes. Students who ride the bus should also receive a hard copy of changes from their bus driver today. 

Dear parents of 1st-3rd grade students, 
There will be a fall concert featuring your children on October 25th at 7:00 pm in the Compass Auditorium. We are planning some really fun songs to show you what we are learning in music this year. Please check the music blog page for more information and updates. Don‘t forget to put this date on your calendars – you won’t want to miss this!!!!! 
Enjoying working with all your kids, Mrs. Choate 

Campbell Soup Labels 
Here is an easy way to help our school! Save and collect soup labels and bring them to the school to be submitted for cash! See attached flyer. 

Senior Night 
Monday, October 3rd, is our last “home” game and Senior Night for the high school volleyball team. Home games start at 6:00pm and are held at Homecourt in Meridian. Please come out and show your support to our girls volleyball team, especially our seniors! 

End of First Quarter 
The end of the first quarter is Wednesday, October 5th. Parents of students in 5th-12th grade can view their student’s grades online through Power School. If you have lost your Power School password, please email our webmaster, Jeni Murphy, at 

Additionally, students in 7th-12th will likely have exams and/or projects due that account for a significant portion of their grade. Therefore, make sure your child has the resources, time, and space to study and/or complete projects. 
Internet Safety 
One of our Compass parents who is also a detective in the Boise Police Department has recommended a family workshop/training for Internet Safety. See the attached flyer for dates and location. 

Last Year's K-8 Yearbooks 
We just received extra yearbooks from the 2010-11 school year. If you would like to purchase one for $20 they are in the school office on a first come, first served basis (sorry, not accepting reservations). 

Parent Engagement
Harbor Schools depend on the support and engagement of parents. Most of our schools began with a small group of interested, committed and dedicated parents who wanted a Harbor education for their children. Harbor educators must always remember that and cultivate strong parental engagement. The school actively works to earn their trust and confidence to provide a safe and productive learning environment for their children. 

Parents can expect the principal to protect instructional time. Interruptions are kept to a minimum. Your child’s instructional time is the highest value in a Harbor school. Emergencies are an exception. All other communication with the principal and with teachers is done before or after school. 

Harbor practices are designed to develop work ethic, positive character attributes as well as academic assets. We encourage parents to support their children in their homework and to reinforce personal responsibility in their child. 

There is a high expectation for student attendance. The reason for this is to instill a sense of high value and respect for their time at school. We believe that this is a foundation for a habit of work that will serve them beyond school. For this reason, parents are asked to plan family trips and vacations around the school calendar. 

Leadership, teachers and parents share a mutual purpose. That purpose is a successful educational experience for your child. That mutual purpose provides the foundation for problem solving as issues arise. Parents are encouraged to contact the principal to clarify facts regarding any issue that arises. Harbor schools attempt to minimize stories or gossip and maximize facts and mutual problem solving. 

John Fearey Fund 
Our 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to take College of Western Idaho classes for concurrent or dual credits (credits count for both high school graduation and college graduation). 

Some of our students struggle financially so we created a way to give financial assistance. It is called the John Fearey Fund. Students may apply for partial or full funding of their books and/or tuition. If you would like to contribute to this fund (non profit) we would gladly accept any amount you feel comfortable sending to us. Please make checks out to Compass Public Charter School-Fearey Fund. 

We thank you for any help you are able to give to our students who are pursuing a college graduation.