Week of June 4-8

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Special Points of Interest:

  • June 5 - Spring Concert 7:00pm (6-12 Band Students)
  • June 6 - Science Assembly 4th & 5th
  • June 7 - Scholar Dollar Carnival 1st-3rd Grade
  • June 8 - Last Day of School
Last Week of School
The educational practice at Compass is to have students complete school work right up until the end of the school year. Secondary students have final exams during the last week of school. Students who leave for vacation or have other unexcused absences will receive failing grades for the work they miss. Please, adhere to the school calendar and attendance policy to avoid a negative impact to your child's grade.

Last Day of School
The last day of school is Friday, June 8th. It is an early release day. The 6th-12th will be released at 11:40, K-5th will be released at 1:00.
Only the PM Kindergarten class will attend on the last day, however, they will attend the morning session from 9:30-1:00 and be allowed to ride the bus home with the elementary students at 1:00. Sack lunch will be available to purchase or students can bring their own sack lunch.

News from Mr. Henning
Ladies and gentlemen:  We have a newsflash from the science department.  Our sixth graders have been studying Newton's Three Laws of Motion.  As part of their study they needed to use engineering skills to construct a vehicle that moved according to Newton's Third Law (Action/Reaction).  Grades were based on how well the students followed a presentation rubric and how well their vehicle performed.  In addition, first, second and third place awards were given for the most unique vehicles.  In Mr. Whitt's class the winners were:  1) Megan Watson, 2)Preston Reynolds and 3) Alyssa Wall.  In Mrs. Andersen's class the winners were:  1) Criofan Hughes 2) Kenzie Van Patten and 3)Emily Walker & Jonathan Rapp (tie).

Our final recycling day for this year will be this Thursday, June 7.  Mr. Henning will have his truck parked in the usual place for you to drop off your aluminum cans.  Thanks for all you support this year!  Please save your cans during the summer and we will have a recycling day the first week of school in August.
Garden News
WOW!  This years garden is looking like the best ever!  Mr. Henning has five families signed up to adopt the garden for the summer. He would like one more family and a couple of back ups.  So, what do you do if you adopt the garden?  Well, you come to the garden one day a week and check to see that the plants are getting enough water.  We have a drip irrigation system that does most of the watering but sometimes the plants need a little extra.  Pull any weeds and check for bugs that might be eating things.  As the fruits and veggies become ready to harvest you get to pick them and take them home for your family.  Neat!  Back up families don't come every week, but are available to cover for a family that goes on vacation and needs to  miss a day.  Mr. Henning has more details so email him at hhenning@compasscharter.org if you have questions or want to sign up.
Click on the link below to see if your child's name appears on the list of books ordered. If you have questions or concerns about your order, contact Mr. Cordero at gcordero@compasscharter.org.

Registration Dates
New Student Registration:
  • June 12, 1:00-5:00
  • June 13, 9:00-1:00
Returning Student Registration:
  • July 31 Last Name, A-G 9:00-1:00
  • August 1, Last Name H-O 9:00-1:00
  • August 2, Last Name P-Z 9:00-1:00

Students who already know they will NOT be available for the July-August returning student registration can come to the new student registration in June. 

In order to expedite the registration process, you can mail in Immunization records to be reviewed in advance. All new students, incoming Kindergarten students, and ALL 7th grade students must submit immunization records.

2012-13 Registration Fees

 Description of Fee
 Fee $
 Activity Card  6-12$5 
 Agenda Book4-12 $5
 Art SupplyK-8 $10 
 Field Trip1-5 $5
 Lifetime Sports9-12 $10 
 Scholar Dollar Carnival1-3 $3 
 Yearbook (optional)K-12 $18 
 Band Book  $5
 Parking Permit (one time fee for drivers 9-12)9-12  $15
 Foods and Nutrition $20 
 Science Lab Fee (suggested donation/optional) 4-12$10 
 Interactive Guide to Grammar App (This requires an Apple device) 8-9 $7
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