Week of March 12-16

posted Mar 16, 2012, 9:30 PM by Kelly Trudeau
Special Points of Interest:
  • March 22 & 23 - Student Led Conferences (See attached Flyer)
  • March 26 - April 6 - Spring Break
  • April 9 - April 27 - ISAT Testing
  • April 14 - Annual PFA Garage Sale

Eventful Friday

We apologize for the inconvenience our fire alarm system caused today. There was a detector out of alignment which caused the false alarm. It couldn't have come at a worse time; right in the middle of the 5th grade living portrait museum and when secondary buses arrived to take students home. This of course caused the buses to be late for the elementary students as well. Fortunately it wasn't a real fire, everyone was safe, and it wasn't raining outside while the kids were waiting for the firemen to give the "all clear".


PFA Garage Sale

The Compass PFA would like to help you with your spring cleaning!  The Compass PFA will be holding their annual garage sale on Saturday, April 14th in the gymnasium.  If cleaning out your closets and garages are in your spring break plans, we would love to provide a destination for your used items!   Just think that old used sofa or pair of shoes could turn into extra lab materials for science classes or provide new sheet music for the music program.   There will be an opportunity to drop your items off at Compass as the garage sale date nears. 


School Lunch Accounts

Beginning April 9th, students will not be served hot lunch if they do not have money in their account.  The first time they do not have money they will be given a peanut butter sandwich.  The second time they will not be fed.  Please note:  this does NOT include students who receive free lunch.


Thank you

Compass Girl Scout Troop 262 would like to thank all the generous parents for supporting our food drive for the Meridian Food Bank.


Board Elections

The nominating committee is now accepting applications for open School Board positions. Please see attached flyer.


Parent Survey

Each spring we ask our parents to complete a school wide online survey. Constructive input and feedback will help us make improvements as a school. Please watch for a separate email with a Survey Monkey Link. The survey won’t be open for a long period; therefore, it is best to complete the survey as soon as possible once you receive the link.


Garden Seeds

Mr. Henning is selling garden vegetable seeds to support the garden/science program. The seeds were donated to Compass by Zamzows.  However, we have more packages of seeds than we can possibly use.  The packages retailed for between $2 and $4.50, but Mr. Henning is selling them for 50cents per package.  Most of the packages have well over 100 seeds, each.  The seeds include:  corn, lettuce, squash, cucumber, zucchini, radish, peas and green beans.  Students or parents can begin purchasing the seeds from Mr. Henning's classroom starting Monday, March 19. 


ISAT Testing

When we return from spring break, our students in 3rd through 10th will start ISAT testing. It is important that your student be in attendance on their testing days. Please try to take care of doctors’ appointments, etc. during the break and avoid appointments for the remainder of April if at all possible.

In addition to being present for testing, students should have a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast and lunch on the day of their tests.

The stakes are higher than ever when it comes to performing well on the ISAT. New requirements are in place that requires all schools to provide intervention to students who do NOT perform at proficient. At Compass, the intervention courses are provided during the student’s elective period and/or computer class time. These classes are not offered at any other time.

Additionally, the State has a new school rating system which is tied to student performance on the ISAT. The rating system is then tied to funding for school districts.

We don't want our students to stress about the test but it is important that they take their time and give it their BEST effort. Please communicate this with your child.


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