Compass Honors High School exists to provide a strenuous, in-depth honors education where excellence is our standard, not our goal.  Our high school purposefully is named Compass Honors High School. The word “Honor” in our name exemplifies both the academic rigor as well as the honorable behavior expected from the students who attend our school.

All classes at Compass Honors High School are taught at an Honors level.  The text, writing, and format of the courses are all at a higher level and require an increased time commitment to homework and study.Exemplary attendance is critical in these courses because class work cannot be duplicated outside of the classroom. No curriculum modifications will be made to slow the pace or limit the level of instruction in any Honors course*.

The benefits of enrolling in an Honors program are: learning critical thinking skills, learning subjects in-depth, and college preparedness.

Graduation Credit Requirements

  Graduation Credit Requirement
 Language Arts/Speech
 Social Studies/Economics
 Humanities (foreign language)
 Health & Wellness
 Electives (Lifetime Sports is required to meet the 1 cr. PE requirement)
 Career Focus & Apprenticeship (80 hours, 1 cr. for each 20 hour block)
 Family/School/Comm.Service (80 hours, 1 cr. for each 40 hour block)2
 Senior ProjectRequired oral presentation, project and written report 
 College Readiness ExamsPLAN, PSAT, Compass 9th & 10th Grade 
 College Entrance ExamsACT, SAT, Compass 11th Grade